The Best Ways to Travel

If you’re planning a trip around your favourite landmarks, it is important to book as early as possible. This way there will be less chance of you being disappointed with not being able to get what you want. Often when you book in advance, prices are always cheaper too. See: Explore England’s Cities.

Hire a campervan & explore your favourite landmarks

Travelling around the world at your own pace calls for one of the greatest trips of all time. In our opinion, we suggest travelling the sights by campervan. This means you can stop at a location and stay overnight whilst being comfortable.

Quirky Campers is the home of campervan hire, but with a difference. The vans have all been handcrafted and followed DVLA regulations of a motor home, so you can travel with reassurance in mind. You can explore the wonders of Wales with the Sandy Campervan which has been described as ‘your new best friend’. It has everything you need to feel young and alive and can fit 4 people inside. Prices start from £50. Click here.

Alternatively, you can travel the UK, Europe, Australia or the USA in your very own campervan. Purchasing a motor home gives you the freedom to travel the world, for however long. You are in control.

Visit Explorer 4WD Motorhomes to see their range of 4 wheel drive campervans for sale in Brisbane.

Travelling by train

Train travel is incredibly scenic and you can watch green hills, sheep, villages go by for hours. It never seems to get old.

Train is often the fastest way to travel around the country, but isn’t always the cheapest. A way to get around this is by investing in a Britrail Pass if you’re a frequent traveller. However, if you are only looking for the occasional journey, use comparison sites to find the cheapest tickets.

Also, don’t always go for the big, central stations as these prices shoot up. Find smaller ones that are nearby and you could watch the prices fall. A quick way to save you money. Find out more.

The cheapest way to travel

If you don’t mind longer journeys, then try travelling by coach. It is considerably cheaper than trains, but can take double the time. Try Megabus and National Express for some of the cheapest routes throughout the UK. Megabus can provide £1 fares, but NE provides coach routes and convenient times.

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