Explore England’s Cities in One of the Most Luxurious Seats

Who doesn’t love an adventure? It is so easy to explore the UK and visit some of the biggest cities and discover how different cultures are across the island. Below is our list on travelling around Britain easily and in style. See: Where to go.

Using the train

If you are aiming to visit the UK’s biggest cities, then travelling by train is one of the best options. It allows you to reach key points and cities easily, as well as seeing the sights from the window as you travel from one place to another.

If you are interested in doing quite a bit of travelling across the UK then it is advised to invest in a Brit Card railcard which can cater to those who have travelled from abroad.  Find out more.

Hiring a car

Hiring a car is the perfect way of travelling in comfort. It also means you can take a little detour if you’ve spotted something on the journey, or found a point of interest. Car hire can be arranged at airports, train stations and large shopping centres.

You can hire a Range Rover – the ultimate car for style and comfort – from City Inter-Rent in London and begin your journey there. This car is ideal for those with a lot of luggage or a family as this car is certainly roomy. This car will help to make your travels even more enjoyable. More information.

Buses & Coaches

Coaches are easily accessible at train stations and hotspots in cities. These are great for getting other connections from one city to another or even travelling between cities.

Local buses are ideal if you wish to reach different locations within the town. It is important to check on any deals that you can receive in different cities for travel. Discover London’s travel card systems.