Travelling abroad this summer? Here’s everything you need to know

Summer has officially started, which means our holidays are getting closer. Even if we don’t like to admit it, every week we look at the countdown and become even more excited as the departure date gets closer. Carry on reading to follow our guide about travelling abroad and what you need to know. Contact us.

Book your airport parking in advance

At Heathrow Airport there are two types of parking. The first is meet & greet and the other is park and ride, but what’s the difference?

Meet and Greet allows you to drive all the way to your terminal and be met there by a representative of the company you chose. From there you will be able to drop off your vehicle and walk straight into the check-in zones. Book your parking.

The Park & Ride option is often cheaper, however you have to allow extra time as you will need to drive to the car park and ride on the free shuttle bus that is provided. Companies recommend allowing an extra 45 minutes both on your arrival and return. Call 020 3355 5005 or more information.

Understanding your luggage allowance

Nothing is worse than getting to the airport, checking in and realising you’ve gone over the weight limit, therefore you have to spend some extra money. Before you set off for the airport, weigh both your hand and hold luggage and ensure it follows the regulations of the airline you’re flying with. Find out more.

There is always the option of pre-booking extra luggage online before you fly. This way it is much cheaper than waiting until you’re at the airport.

Remember to renew your EHIC

When travelling abroad to Europe, make sure you have an in-date European Health Insurance Card. In situations where you fall ill on holiday, this will mean you are entitled to free or subsided health care. You can also apply here.

When renewing your EHIC online, remember it is free, so don’t be fooled by websites that have a charge.